Month: January 2016

Tie-dye your Lab Coat with BUGS!

Hi biochem students!

Want to give your plain white lab coat a new fun, fresh, colourful look? Well, we’ve got just what you’re looking for! On Monday, January 18th, the Biochemistry Undergraduate Society (BUGS) is hosting a lab coat tie-dye event for all students and staff. Come by anytime between 2 – 6 pm to the William Shatner University Centre (aka SSMU building) room 403 (Blue Room) equipped with $10 and a lab coat that you would like to tie-dye. 50% of all profits will be donated to Youth Fusion, a local Montreal charity which attempts to lower drop-out rates by involving at-risk youth in innovating and meaningful education projects. See you all there!

Thank you to our tie-dye lab coat model Adam !

Thank you to our tie-dye lab coat model Adam !

When: Monday, January 18th between 2-6 pm.

Where: SSMU building, room 403 (Blue room)

Cost: 10$ plus a lab coat

Additional info can be found on the event page created by BUGS:

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