BUGS Research Awareness Day (RAD)

Hello Biochem,

Here is an invitation from BUGS (McGill Undergraduate Biochemistry Society) specially for graduate students:

The McGill Undergraduate Biochemistry Society (BUGS) invites you to participate in this year’s Research Awareness Day (RAD) on Saturday Nov 19th!

What is RAD?

Well, RAD is an annual event seeking to connect undergraduate students with Biochem research being conducted at McGill, through mini-presentations by professors and roundtable discussions. This year, we’re very excited to expand on the day by having graduate students engage in a Poster Fair and Wine & Cheese, running from 2:30-4PM! During this time, undergraduate students will be filtering through to ask questions about your research and your personal experience working in a biochem lab.

Well we definitely recognize there are many poster fairs already happening this semester and we encourage you to simply re-use a previously made poster. However, the RAD poster fair concept is different from the traditional poster fair. You will not be judged, instead you will have time to casually talk about your research and give back to the undergraduate community over wine and cheese.

… Hmmm, I’m still not entirely sold…

Oh come on, it will be fun! A chance to practice clear communication of science, engage with undergraduates, talk about your personal research experience, win a fantastic raffle prize, and free Wine & Cheese- what could be better?

How do I participate?

Fill out this form (https://goo.gl/forms/nz64abBY3ldjMWDf1) by November 7th the latest! Don’t forget, the Poster Fair and Wine & Cheese will run from 2:30pm-4pm on Saturday Nov 19th, and we need you there the full time!