Program Requirements

Please refer to the Biochemistry website for up-to-date information on requirements for the Masters and the Doctoral Program.

Seminar Requirements:

Seminars are an important part of graduate education, but there has to be a balance with your research.
– The seminar attendance requirement is still 70% overall, however,
– The number of seminars will be reduced, from 43 last year to 32 this coming year, in the Unified Series (Biochemistry, Cancer, and Complex Traits). The number of Junior and Senior Seminars is expected to be the same, around 12.

Seminar attendance will be counted differently:
9 Biochemistry Seminars plus 10 from any in the Unified Series
70% of Junior and Senior Seminars
Junior and Senior Seminars do not count as Biochemistry or Unified Series Seminars.

Important notice regarding RAC meetings:

The first Research Advisory Committee (RAC) meeting must be held before the end of the third semester, that is, the semester after one year of study.
RAC meetings must be held at least once per year afterwards.
Students who fail to hold yearly RAC meetings will be asked to leave the program.