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We welcome you all to join us for this years career evening! BGSS Career Evening is being held on Friday, December 1st and will feature six guest speakers presenting short talks about their professional experiences post-graduate school. We are excited to have guest speakers presenting about their experiences post-graduation and how these led them to the wide array of careers in various fields from clinical, industry and  governmental positions to teaching CEGEP. Our event will run after GCRC’s Spotlight event, at 5PM in Karp Room 501 in the GCRC.

Our presenters include:

  • Stephanie Etchells: Patent Examiner at Canadian Intellectual Property Office
  • Renaud Robert: Medical Science Liai­son at Novartis
  • Vincent De Guire: Clinical Biochemist and Researcher at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital
  • Sami Boualia: Biology/Biotechnology/ Chemistry Teacher at Collège Ahuntsic
  • Dmitri Kharatidi: Scientist and Entrepreneur
  • David Grote: Team Lead at Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Following the event, at around 7:30PM, join us for a wine and cheese/networking in the GCRC 5th floor Atrium.

We hope to see you all there!

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Meet your 2017-2018 BGSS Council!

To our valued and awesome BGSS family, 

We are excited to announce and congratulate the incoming 2017-2018 BGSS Council. Your members include: 

Co-Presidents: Valerie Vinette and Amr Omer
Co-VP Communications: Adda-Lee Graham-Paquin and Jason Sadek
Co-VP Finances: Owen Chen and Sophie Viala
PGSS Representatives: Brenda Sanchez and Ippy Nandi
Student Life Representatives: Christina Spinelli, Laura Jones, Yevgen Zolotarov, Emily Ayoub, Kamilia Daldoul, Ariel Donayo, Erin Coyne and Emily Tang
We would like to congratulate the incoming council and let you all know that we are so excited for the upcoming year and all of the exciting memories to come! 
View Election Results here

BGSS Elections 2017-2018: Voting Time!

Dear Biochemistry,

It’s time to go to the polls and elect our BGSS Co-Presidents for 2017-18. This morning you should receive an electronic ballot allowing you to cast your vote for president. We are also asking you to vote to accept or not some amendments to the constitutionPolls are open for 2 days – July 10th and 11th.

You could also access the ballot by going into and logging-in with your usual McGill credentials.

Our presidential candidates are: Amr Omer, Emily Tang and Valerie Vinette.

There was a bit of a glitch this morning, so you if you’ve already voted you may have to do so again. (Sorry!) As of 11am today it will be re-open and we are going to ask you to rank the 3 candidates with your 1st and 2nd place candidates being the 2 you want for co-presidents. Sorry for the confusion.

If you have any problems voting, please contact Manmeet at (and cc immediately.

It’s very important we get as many votes as possible to achieve quorum, so please vote and encourage others to vote. Otherwise we will have to be doing this again soon!

Thanks so much!
Laura Jones
BGSS Chief Returning Officer

BGSS Elections 2017-2018: Campaigning

Dear Biochemistry,

We are very happy to announce the opening of our Campaign period for BGSS President. Our 3 nominees will be campaigning for 2 co-president positions over the next two weeks with our polling taking place on July 10-11th by electronic ballot. You will be voting for your top two candidates.

The Presidential Nominees are: Valerie Vinette, Emily Tang and Amr Omer

Running unopposed for the other positions are:

VP Communications: Jason Sadek and Adda-Lee Graham-Paquin
VP Finance: Owen Chen and Sophie Viala
VP PGSS Rep: Ippy Nandi and Brenda Sanchez
Social Life Rep: Emily Ayoub, Cristiana Spinelli, Kamilia Daldoul, Yevgen Zolotarov, Erin Coyne

We will also be including a referendum question on our ballot. We will ask you to vote to accept some amendments to our constitution drafted by this past year’s presidents.

The major changes include:

  • Changing the time of the AGM to before elections and the beginning of the council year to the Summer term (to reflect current practices)
  • Better clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the council positions
  • Creating a new council position of Social Media Representative, whose duties include expanding BGSS’s presence on social media and easing the amount of work for the VP Communications.
  • Adding provisions for better communication with the Biochemistry Department.
  • Cosmetic changes to the language of the constitution.

If you have any questions or concerns about this campaign period or the polling period please contact the CRO at

Watch your e-mail or this website for your electronic ballot on July 10th and good luck to our candidates!

BGSS Chief Returning Officer